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James Bacque died at the age of ninety on September 13, 2019. During his long literary career he was a journalist, book editor (Macmillan of Canada), and publisher (newpress). He has written novels, essays, short stories, a biography, a play and books on the history of postwar Germany. His best sellers Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies have revealed atrocities committed by the allies against German POWs and civilians after World War Two

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A wonderful book...I never had any trouble picking it up after I had to put it down...the story moves very quickly, the writing is taut...beautiful...the war scenes are so good that they felt as if you had been must be published... - John Bemrose, playwright, poet, and literary critic with Maclean’s Magazine, and best-selling novelist, on Our Fathers' War You’ve done it, your new novel is an excellent’s great, I’m delighted....the war scenes are’s very very good... - Professor Dr David Staines, author, critic, editor of The New Canadian Library Series, former Dean of Arts, University of Ottawa, on Our Fathers' War James, James, you have written your magnum opus. Twenty years. Thirty years. You took the long gamble, and you've won. That haunting first sentence prefigures, contains, the whole novel. I have made a fast reading, and even that has kept me busy for days. I read fast in part because the story, the narrative, rips along. And it carries with it the burden of twentieth-century history. ...Let the manuscript go. Send it out to publishers for bids. Let readers read and marvel. - Robert Kroetsch teacher, poet, novelist, winner of the Governor General’s Award for literature for The Studhorse Man I was moved to tears by the plight of the young people. The book made me weep for all the young men of the war. The battle scenes brought back terrible memories to me. I hope it is published and reaches a broad audience. It is certainly the right time in this country for such a book. I shall be first in line to buy a copy. - FROM AN AMERICAN VETERAN WHO IS ALSO A FORMER SENIOR HISTORIAN, UNITED STATES ARMY, AND WELL-KNOWN WRITER

Other Losses DVD

The world-wide best-seller book Other Losses has become a one-hour documentary film. It is no longer available for sale online but it is still available for purchase in England and Germany.